Scope & Mission


Sparkle international Research Journal’s mission is to share knowledge by publishing Business Administration innovations and discoveries.


Sparkle international Research Journal envisions to lay out a scientific research publication forum that facilitates scholars, academicians, and professionals to publish their work and builds a vibrant and supportive community of scholars by significantly exploring opportunities to connect and explore ideas in the fields of statistics, business and economics.


Sparkle international Research Journal aims to provide a forum for academics, practitioners and policymakers around the globe to exchange ideas, research, and best practices in Business Administration. The journal aims to integrate the novel research in different disciplines where quantitative methods are unavoidable. Moreover, Sparkle international Research Journal strongly stimulate debate among scholars, researchers, practitioners and policymakers across the world with a view to define standardized practices and skills and evaluate effective responses to tomorrow’s challenges.

Sparkle international Research Journal further encourages guest editors to submit their proposals for special issues addressing specific areas included in the broad theme of the journal or resulting from relevant conferences. Sparkle international Research Journal will also consider themed special issues with a focusing on a particular country or a region.


Our mission is guided by the following significant core values:

  • We value high quality research publications in the field of Business Administration.
  • We cultivate and advocate ethical behaviour in all of the aspects of the publication process.
  • We respect each of our members’ opinions and seek to amplify their ideas.

The core focus of Sparkle international Research Journal is to promote the solutions for Business Administration.